“Write the list of things you can do and let it go on forever.”

– Dustin Berg, Founder/Executive Director  

Our Mission

Founded by paraplegic outdoorsman and athlete Dustin Berg, GO Unlimited is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with disabilities by creating access to adaptive sporting and outdoor adventure opportunities.

GO Unlimited

Founded out of necessity in 2005, GO Unlimited got its 501(c)3 nonprofit status and began to cut a path. Groups of people with and without disabilities came together to create adaptive fishing trips across New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”  - John Buchan

Focused on creating a list of what we could do, soon we were doing rafting, water-skiing, camping, horseback riding, trail riding, archery, wheelchair basketball, mountain expeditions and hand-cycling along with perfecting our fishing trips.

Founder/Executive Director

Dustin Berg, Inspirational speaker, father and paraplegic outdoor enthusiast

A motorcycle accident in 2003 instantly paralyzed Dustin Berg from the waist down, yet his love for the outdoors and sports was not compromised. He adapted equipment and worked with friends and experts in outdoor adventure to overcome barriers that existed for his new physicality and use of a wheelchair. Over the next couple of years he fly fished and cherished time spent camping atop the Brazos Peaks. His passion for life and esteem for fellow wheelchair users inspirited ideas of access, opportunity and humanity. In his soul, Dustin knew that he had to do something to bring freedom and independence to others. So Dustin created GO Unlimited, which now has improved the quality of life for thousands of people of all ages and abilities. Everyone deserves access to opportunity - join us for an adventure, come out to an event as a volunteer or donate. Leave renewed, inspired, refreshed – it is good for you and also good for your friends and family. Please help us continue this journey.

Board of Directors

Dustin Berg
Alan Wright
Barbara Giannini
Travis Sutherland
Robyn Simms
Rebecca Dutton
Cody Longley


New Mexico is a truly enchanting place. Explore 10,000 foot tall mountain pine forest peaks or venture into red sandstone mesas in vast historically rich desert country. Wildlife such as elk, deer, black bear, cougar and antelope roam the wilds of New Mexico.

GO Unlimited adventures take place primarily during the summer months and include activities such as; camping, fishing, trekking, trail riding, hand-cycling and wildlife viewing.

We provide quality expeditions for individuals and groups. One of our most popular services is our adaptive fishing trips. We use a wheelchair accessible pontoon boat to access many of the lakes located across New Mexico. The species of fish we target include; walleye, trout, bass, salmon, tiger muskie and catfish.

To attend a GO Unlimited adventure please use the contact us page and complete the registration form. A waiver/media release can also be located on the contact us page and needs to be submitted with your registration form.